Framing Stories

Behind-The-Scenes Of Our Clients’ Favorite Projects

    Mom's 80th Birthday

    Kim brought her art to Imagine it Framed with a special story and a special request. It’s Mom’s 80’th birthday next weekend and we need this photo to fit into this frame. At the age of 72 Kim’s mom started a pumpkin farm in Kingston Washington. The wood for the outer frame comes from the 121 Year old Barn on the Pumpkin Farm which mom has recently sold to downsize. We stabilized the Barn frame and were able to ‘make-it-work’ with matting and a frame hidden behind the Barn frame. Kim says, “Imagine it Framed made it work.”

    — Kim Williams —
  • Rudy Greenia
    Rudy's Pixel Art

    Rudy brought in a piece of Pixel Art to frame. These art forms construct pictures out of small colored units similar to the pixels of modern digital computing. Some traditional art forms, such as counted-thread embroidery (including cross-stitch) and some kinds of mosaic and beadwork, are very similar to pixel art. “It may not be special to anyone else but it’s the only thing I wanted of hers.” Rudy’s daughter died April 26th of this year and this was the last piece she did. Rudy says, “Imagine it Framed has good service.” Thank you Rudy for bringing us your treasured memory to preserve.

    — Rudy Greenia —
  • Susan's Duck Art
    Susan's Duck Art

    Susan brought us this beautiful Mallard Duck art and stamp several days before Father’s day to frame as a gift to her husband. “He thought we had lost this during our move. I found it and though it’s very short notice I would love to give it to him for Father’s Day.” Because we carry many framing materials in-house, and build our own frames we were able to create a special design in record time. Susan says, “Imagine it Framed was able to do a very special design on very short notice. He loves it.”

    — Susan Eiland —
    Kay's Quilt

    “This was found in my mother’s Estate. She had made a long robe out of satins, ribbons etc. with different stitchings. Beautiful! I turned it into a head board but because it smelled moldy I had to give it up. Consequently this piece brings fond memories to me! My mom was a great seamstress!! A task never gets too BIG for Imagine It Framed – they took the time and did the research to get it done.”

    — Kay Peters —

    Pilot's Flag

    “I was a Helicopter pilot in 1971 when I was shot down over Laos. I carried this Flag that translates in 14 different languages: ‘I am a citizen of the United States of America. I do not speak your language. Misfortune forces me to seek your assistance in obtaining food, shelter, and protection. Please take me to someone who will provide for my safety and see that I am returned to my people. My government will reward you.’ I carried this letter for two weeks before I was rescued.”

    — US Veteran —
    Michael's Trains

    “We are Train enthusiasts and collectors of Train/Locomotive art. You may have seen us at the Fair or other local events. We are members of the NOPR, North Olympic Peninsula Railroad Club. We framed this piece for its historical value of the Transcontinental Rail Road. I have chosen Imagine it Framed for their professional touch and their patience when dealing with different art forms.”

    — Michael Stanley —