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Sadie Perry Cat Artist Olympic Peninsula


The Artistic Journey of a Crazy Cat Lady

Marcedes Perry who most know just as Sadie is a born and raised local of Port Angeles. You may know her as your server from Sabai Thai or maybe she has helped you with your life insurance.

Although Sadie was very active in art during school even having the chance to participate in the Student Art Show up at the Port Angeles Art Center, after graduating art became lost in her life. The constant bombardment of ‘you can’t make a living off of art’ and ‘art isn’t a career’ had her packing up her colored pencils and slipping them out of the way so she could pursue being an ‘adult’. The lack of art left a void. It would be years before a little creature came into her life and brought back the inspiration.

“For years I had put my art supplies away and hadn’t even thought about them unless I came across them while cleaning the house, thinking that maybe I should get rid of the clutter. But one day I came across the thing that would bring my creativity back. Some wonderful people I knew had trapped some wild kittens. I took one look at the picture of my soon to be best friend with fur and knew she would become part of my family. I named her Quiche Lorraine. Working with this kitten to help her with things like food aggression made us bond very quickly and I found an intense desire pick up my Prisma colored pencil and get to work on her portrait which I named Sleeping Quiche. After that I couldn’t put them down and I started drawing regularly.”

“Quiche inspired me not only to start up my drawing again but also to help other kitties and I found that through art was my best option. I have started doing many portraits of rescue kitties (I donate a lot to rescues) and almost every portrait has a story behind it. Many times shelter animals are viewed as throw away pets or undesirable, people think they must be there for a reason but that just isn’t the case. I hope that through my art I can help people understand that these animals have vibrant personalities and are looking for love.  My black cat collection is meant as a celebration of people who have had black cats in their lives! They have the roughest time in shelters as they are the hardest to be adopted out. This is not because of their personalities but because of peoples’ silly negative views of them. When you look at one of my kitty portraits I want you to see more than just an animal, I want you to look into their eyes and see who they are and love them as much as I have come to love them during the hours spent reading their stories of life and sometimes loss, layering the colors of their journey on the once plain brown paper.”

David Youngberg - Northwest Peninsula Prints

Kalaloch Overlook

David Youngberg - Northwest Peninsula Prints

Dog’s Cairns, Ruby Beach


Imagine It Framed carries framed and unframed prints by David Youngberg, a local photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of our area. He lives in the western most part of the Olympic Peninsula and is humbled by its natural beauty.

Ross Hamilton - Olympic Peninsula Photography

Mt. Angeles Road

Ross Hamilton - Olympic Peninsula Photography

Mt. Duckabush


Imagine It Framed carries framed and unframed prints and photo collages by Ross Hamilton, a local artist who specializes in 35mm film photography. His straightforward style celebrates the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula with little embellishment.

John Jones - National Park Prints

John Jones - National Park Prints

John Jones - National Park Prints


Olympic National Park

Imagine It Framed carries framed and unframed prints by John Clet Jones, an award-winning photographer with a series of National Parks posters including Olympic National Park. John’s focus and inspiration has always been landscapes and nature photography.